Providing everyone with access to reliable energy is one of the 21st?century’s great challenges. More than a billion people around the world lack access to electricity.

Without energy, society struggles to progress. People rely on electricity for lighting, heating, cooling and communications. Businesses need energy to drive productivity. Communities rely on energy for essential services such as healthcare, sanitation and education.

Shell recognises this vital need and sees an opportunity to invest in energy access solutions in Africa and Asia. Shell’s ambition is, by 2030, to provide a reliable electricity supply to 100 million people in the developing world.?Shell’s approach focuses on proven technologies and business models that can be deployed at a large scale and replicated. These include mini-grids and decentralised solar energy systems that can power homes and businesses.

Shell has made recent investments in several companies which support productive uses of electricity in underserved communities. They provide systems for residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial activities which use electricity directly to make goods or provide services.

Energy access investments

  • Husk Power System

    Husk Power Systems

    A leading rural distributed utility company operating mini-grids in Asia and Africa.

    Visit the Husk website

  • Bangera Overseas Udupi

    Orb Energy

    A company that provides solar energy solutions in India and Africa, mainly serving small and medium enterprises (SMEs), such as local factories, schools, and hospitals.

    Visit the Orb Energy website

  • test test


    A provider of solar solutions to homes and businesses in East Africa.

    Visit the SolarNow website

  • SteamaCo control panel


    A company that sells off-grid smart metering technology to companies developing mini-grids in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

    Visit the SteamaCo website

  • test test


    A solar debt financing firm that supports the growth of commercial businesses improving energy access.

    Visit the SunFunder website

  • d light


    A firm that provides small to medium-sized solar home energy systems, including solar products, across more than 70 countries.*

    *Investment subject to customary conditions precedent including regulatory approvals

    Visit the d.light website

  • Power Gen


    An innovative company that develops, builds and operates mini-grids in Africa, typically powered by a combination of solar PV and batteries.*

    *Investment subject to customary conditions precedent including regulatory approvals

    Visit the PowerGen website

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