Oman Shell and SQU partner to research agricultural development in the Al-Batinah region

Oct 6, 2019

Muscat-?Oman Shell and Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) signed an agreement to conduct research that aims to find viable solutions to address soil salinity across Al-Batinah region.?

Two Rivers Terminal licenses Shell Thiogro Technology

Sep 25, 2018

Shell Thiogro Technology will help Two Rivers Terminal support increased food production, by meeting the growing demand for a highly concentrated sulphur enhanced fertiliser (11-0-0-75) in the Pacific Northwest and California.

H Sulphur Licences Shell Thiogro Technology

Mar 5, 2018

H Sulphur Corporation has officially announced the official signing of its license agreement with Shell for its Shell Thiogro Technology.

Shell and Sandvik produce granulated Urea + elemental Sulphur Fertiliser

May 16, 2017

Shell and Sandvik have successfully granulated urea + elemental sulphur fertiliser produced with Shell Urea-ES technology, using Sandvik’s Rotoform granulation system.

OCP Licenses Shell Thiogro technology to produce premium Sulphur-enhanced Fertilisers

Sep 21, 2016

OCP and Shell are pleased to announce that they have signed a key strategic agreement regarding the license of Shell Thiogro technology.

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