Shell Marine Products is a global sales and marketing business supplying specialised fuels, lubricants and technical support services to the marine industry.

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Shell LubeAdvisor

Shell LubeAdvisor - give your equipment the support it requires

Shell Lube Advisor

Our experts can advise you on which oil to use to improve efficiency and reduce your operating costs.?

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Shell LubeAnalyst

Shell LubeAnalyst - a health check for your lubricants & equipment.

Shell LubeAnalyst

This early warning system lets you identify potential oil or equipment failures before they become critical.?

Shell LubeAnalyst (

Shell LubeCoach

The LubeAdvisor service is a simple to use tool designed to give you access to product recommendations and key Lubrication reference materials.

Shell LubeCoach

We coach your team to deliver better performance through this in-depth lubrication training programme.

Shell LubeCoach

Shell LubeMatch

Download Shell Lube Advisor brochure - Find the right oil

Shell LubeMatch

Use this free online service to find the right lubricants for your vehicles and equipment in seconds.

?Shell LubeMatch

Shell LubeVideoCheck

Shell Lube Video Check

Shell LubeVideoCheck

This sophisticated fibre optic tool lets you inspect the inside of your engine without dismantling it.

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