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Adams transporte saves more than 5% fuel with Shell FuelSave Diesel*

The haulage company confirms fuel efficiency benefits of Shell FuelSave Diesel.

Heavy duty trucks achieve fuel savings with Shell FuelSave Diesel

Reduced fuel consumption and lower CO2 exhaust emissions for the Turkish food processing company.

Greater mileage on each tank of fuel

With Shell FuelSave Diesel, Buckel Farm benefit from an average additional 2.5 hours of operation per tank of fuel.

A world record in truck fuel efficiency with Daimler

A world record in truck fuel efficiency has been created with the help of Shell FuelSave Diesel1 and fuel-saving lubricant Shell Rimula R6 LME.

Reduction in black smoke emissions and improvement in waste management with Shell FuelOil Plus

In five-month trial, Formica experienced reduction in black smoke emissions and improvement in waste management.

Penang port ferries sees savings of more than 3%*

Extend engine maintenance interval1 and reduce black smoke and CO2 emissions2.

Samwoh experienced quicker refuelling and reduced in black smoke

Quicker refuelling and reduced black smoke with Shell FuelSave Diesel.

Zeppelin Austria saves 8.8% fuel with Shell diesel*

High performance of Shell Diesel in Caterpillar’s construction machines.

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